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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  October 21, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MDT

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right now troubles with the train new details fox 31 learned about the a line when it comes to its power problem. plus cybertek some of the biggest names on the web going dark today and what some think was a major attack the real reason the sites went down and what's being done to fix the problem the on the badge simple thing one aurora police officer did for metro girl that made her day and may be her year. will start tonight this power problems with the train new information tonight that red flags we're raised in years before the a-line open about potential problems with the design fox 31 31 line from a line with that. you talked to that and they say for the record since the end of
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knowledge there's been bumps in the road as all from lightning bugs up in the sky. catch the a-line to dia to fly to lax. i have season tickets to the trojans and rams i love the dodgers. the socal native is going to the la rams game depends on your train to the plane to be on time. is never been an issue when i come and a lot. never been late with me and fact it's been a little bit too early. sense the a-line begin running and they april has a bent always been a laughing matter despite a high on-time performance there have been stumbles. on one of the trains i've had some signal issues with the most memorable mother nature moment a lightning strike that cause
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assistant of communications got reed says a recommendation to teammate debord transit partners to have more lightning proof buffers has taken place there was concerns expressed by design team same that there would be a preference for a different alignment of the wires that have been shown previously that could help. as it stands surge protectors are in place. i've missed to the temple times. it has burkert conrad. he knows no man or machine is perfect but this man is forgiven. i noticed a lot better lucky than good. the other part of this i call them late in the day more than
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evening fox 31. happening today an accident involving a denver school bus five students to the hospital the driver of the vehicles also taken to the hospital sky fox after four this afternoon total of three vehicles involved including the bus and is accident 30 not been fox two cars collided the intersection one of them struck the bus here's a view from her career on the ground we know the bus was coming from denver and senior high school but thankf be serious a father of a young man stabbed to death early this week is talking about violence in the community tonight jordan was that monday night near west mexico avenue friends taken to nearby gas station and 711 he died later at the hospital this father tells us his son was going to join a group that gathered to watch a fight now he's asking young people to stop the violence.
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stay off the streets. ago fun me count for valadez is raise $2,000.21 -year-old lorenzo was arrested and valadez's death he is facing first-degree murder charters finally developing story of jackson county das office saying arson charges has been filed against a juvenile what the beaver creek fire that started our way back in june north of walden and has 38,000 acres as of right now one home has been destroyed 16 others burned it still going by the way the suspect's name has not been released some other was visit his websites went down to the result of a cyber attack twitter amazon and netflix all went down power shows us an anybody one local women's online business. because the site also went down i talked to one who runs her business sean their creations on the site she says she probably
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i work with stainless steel. she spends a lot of time down here. her basement where she makes the product supports her family budget anywhere from ten to 15 orders a day. most with personal meeting for her website shauna lane creation is frustrating because this is what i do for a time. went ask he went down. i went to my site and i couldn't get in. the server couldn't be found. we are just up in the air wondering what it's going to come back. it wasn't long before she realized what had happened and online attack that took down many websites including her page. one of the core services the backbone and someone can attack that. a lot of services disrupted doctor steve is a computer science professor for metro state is been watching today's
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targeted domain name system for a large and in and a new provider. essentially as the white pages of the internet that is i know the name of the place i want to go the computer needs to know the number of the place packers are used in hundreds of thousands of devices to flood websites with requests overwhelming the server and making it difficult to access certain websites these are ordinary devices such as web cameras and dvr is owned by the light you and i the botnet. weather has control the botnet pointing the botnet in particular domain the provider was able to get a handle on the hacks the knowledge her business is vulnerable to another crash still rattles that. he doesn't believe the hackers are going after any personal information does highlight this shows weaknesses that large
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reporting live fox 31. eighteen days left until voters hit the pole it's an all out battleground blitz candidates and crucial swing states encouraging voters to make their vote count don trump spent the day and north carolina and says they will go when in the swing state afford a former president bill clinton was for his wife buys of president george barna making waits for comments he made about what he like to do the gop nominee. early voting on the way down will be packing his schedule from now until election day there are wants to look back and have any regrets in colorado voters consider major ballot initiatives which sometimes make for a longer and confusing ballot we can help before you cast that vote check out the fox 31 news at what the problem solvers colorado voter guides statewide
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wishes included information about how to register to vote ballot deadlines and leak to count the thing about adding a blackhawk our central city this weekend watch out for the co-zone one of the main charges to get out there will be closed for the weekend here's a look at where the closure is on highway six. starting at ten tonight and all weekend long the stretch between 19 street and highway 58 58 and 93 all come together will be closed all part reconstruction projects happening and golden valley eventually link downtown golden to the communities at the base of lookout mountain. a critical step for demers feature a new recruits graduated from the denver sheriff department's training academy in a semi was held this afternoon at the doubletree hotel the 59 new workers start on the job training sent are good news for the department come december and a 66 recruits a 66 recruits will be graduated folks out there on the streets keeping eye on your
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failed of our restaurants report card. when you can expect to be ruled out. manager go metro go get some special report more for a please officer what he did for hard as the talk of the town. the heat will be on this coming weekend how close to record high temperatures we will get in the
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i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. talk about food now we're in
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going on behind those kitchen doors your favorite restaurant making the grade here's erika gonzalez. welcome to the road river at the mod downtown. the denver restaurant fills her report card was 17 critical health code violations september and march and surprise inspections among the violations last month live roach incident road and droppings plus the inspectors shot these pictures after the operator spread disinfected fight the labor people are should not be in the area and food should be covered hot water the employees restroom was not hot enough when the restaurant didn't respond to emails be e-mails be stopped in for a look. i know they found rodent droppings live roaches i want to know if you guys have done anything to fix it? as their manager here are anyone we can speak with next we visit jaime's mexican restaurant our
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restaurant was cited for 15 critical violations in his a september and marge unannounced inspections among the violations hands on the kitchen floor employees three jobs of green chile to be held two warmer temperatures which can make you sick their restaurant did not reply to our e-mails so we stop by. employee says they dressed all the violations and a specifically working with the cook to meet all safety requirements. there really isn't an excuse as of everything else committing cap easily i feel like i've taken the necessary steps. everything is up to party knows exactly think need to be done the past it's follow-up inspection late september finally three cheers for the three perfect scores at pasta pasta pasta we like it cleaned
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i i would want people to be safe in my home and have a very clean that's the way we like it here the third time the restaurant has made the a list for a perfect health inspections to see all the violations listed into reports lincoln inspections posted click on the news tap as restaurant report card the restaurant you like for us to investigate sent us an e-mail to tips. happening da season officially opening as they turn on their list ticket a look at the video lots of people out there turning out to put on their skis and snowboards to ride the mountain and even more good news loveland ski area is opening next week they congratulated of basin on getting a head start on the season the big competition between those two seeking to open first. they tied last year if you remember they want action four
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you up here to pikes peak 14,110 feet for the cock well. beautiful it was an elevation going to enjoy the view as a let down towards minute to springs in colorado high temperatures today we're born. at 77 look at the 80s to the south and east 60s and 70s for highs in the mountains. denver is 78. 15 degrees above where we should be in on the five away from the hot record of 83 as we h outside we're looking at 56 and 51 humidity is not a problem out of the south it's a nice breeze at 14 miles per hour warm temperatures even 60 and stapleton 58 and a 58 and aurora still in the lower 50s and lakewood 60 and more sent and the wind will be the factor temperatures going to be up a few degrees 55 but you're down to the 40s now and fort collins in greeley and fort morgan here's was going to
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saturday if you're outside you may have noticed a thin wave clouds organ and have one are two of those tomorrow. otherwise look at this picture for colorado nothing but sunshine it out there and enjoy. we have got cold 20s and the mountain tonight good news the rain those guns for fresh encoding for early tomorrow 40s and 50s for lows in the east in the highs tomorrow high again. sixtys and 70s in the mountains. seventy-two and 72 and alamosa mid 70s out towards montrose very warm 80s pushing a few degrees from 90 here in southeast colorado we will be in the mid to upper 70s close to 80 and denver look at all that it is as you head out to the
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boulder will be hot and 78 degrees 80 in downtown denver this name and stapleton commerce city inglewood centennial. all very hot and on the south side of town up an elevation that doesn't help much tomorrow's at 76 semi nine in franktown the pottery over and parker and parker at 709th highlands ranch at 80 degrees 4d that's a cool night but comfortable 79 tomor that they only five away from the record of 84 84 setback in that same year of 2003 sunday will be 74 not as hot but lots of sunshine monday will be 75 and if it going to the broncos game is looking good. mostly clear and a warm game is 66 to 52 at the end of the game is what were looking for.
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this forecast is good wednesday thursday and friday is all staying in the warm 70s. a lot more snow. and we are looking at the run earlier. on the late is a run. if you go luck if you're not a good skier like me way to the mountain gets a little more coverage. it's gardens thrill ride*far describes is in as a string swing ride i'd say so takes rise to the top of the 17 story tower where they fly route and open air seats will take him views of the city and the rocky mountains. set to open in the spring of 2017. they look like they're having a great time. a local landmark is up for auction the changes that could be coming to the daniels and
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opening today painterly to life and legacy the columbine shooting there wore a please
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when i became governor, i knew we had to protect our colorado way of life. it's why i need a good team in the state senate. like rachel zenzinger, a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veteran who believes in an open and transparent government.
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the shop and sent housing job fair to mild looking to fill a hundred open positions part-time to full-time interested and wanted to submit applications and -- hiring managers directly job fair want to do my until three next to neiman marcus put on your business close and stop on by portion of one of denver's iconic landmarks of the day noon push his car tower on the 16 mark hundred and 85 square 85 square feet of space was therefore $.5 million the current owner is holly who runs the space as an event venue new owner decides of this will continue for events after that. movie about the first columbine shooting victim rachel scott debuts today across the country called him not ashamed rachel's mother says she wanted this story to be life coming from a
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only 17 the 17 the time she was killed wanted to change the world and was led by your faith in god bridges on writings and drawings we're used in the film. her writings and journals have inspired so many that it was like okay. i've done a lot of speaking and i had in my hard kind of like what i thought this needed to look like their response to justice speaking aspect of sharing her started was consistently always got the same thank you for telling us about rachel thank you for sharing her life with us because we could be inspired by that. rachel's brother who was also a student at columbine survived the attack that day. all new tonight late thursday night pd received a message on the facebook page pulled out there heartstrings asking for assistance it was unusual request on the lookout for speeders this was request to help a little girl fox 31 joins
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today was a big day a big day at the elementary school and aurora doughnut with dad day one of the fifth-graders wasn't really excited about the big day she told her mom she didn't even want to go to school but oh boy did that change quickly. abigail rose has two brothers her mom grandma and great grandma. that left four years ago on don's with dad day at school abby wanted to stay home. i was feeling that i had to do something. mom reached out to the police department and found abby at date for donuts. with the big of a calf osmotic the truth had breakfast at the family home for more dropping abby to school got to write and
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school officer mike now made shot down some donuts but mom says he brought out a different side of abby a lot of times when you're trying to get a conversation out of her she pauses and has to start over trying to get the words right this morning it was not a problem may a problem maybe abby something brought out of officer mike. i wish more people was encouraged children to be more open with police officers and not be afraid of them which think is going pretty good a lot of phrases loose you a major success. and for the future a loving of loving lesson for abby she understands there still people there for her. not everyone walks away. the entire time you're out there with the family this afternoon all of the kids not just abby kept saying where is officer mike. officer mike is back on duty we
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rabid the he routed the story be about abby and her family. fox 31. humility is a great idea what a great day to send a positive message. thank you for being with us coming up next is in the zone can't wait to see what he has to say about taking on brock on monday night see you back here
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